UHP Personal Training Education

4 Weeks
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Upcoming Course Date

Saturday, 4th June 2022


Bella Vista, Sydney NSW

Course Overview

This course will help you reduce the massive learning and earning curve that occurs as a beginner personal trainer. It will also help you develop skills to become a profitable personal trainer, and make you aware of what is holding you back from achieving the success you want.

This course is taught by 2 of our senior personal trainers. UHP started from no clients, no processes, no management, limited growth and no employees. Now we are a company with 12+ employees and growing faster than ever.

We want to give you the knowledge, tools and advice that 5 years of building a personal training company has taught us. You can then implement these new skills with your own clients and employees.

Course Subjects


Learn how to use this technique correctly to look for imbalances in lifts. You will also learn how to use a recording effectively when working out a possible issue that is holding back your client from becoming technically proficient in a lift.

Retention Strategies

Develop strategies that will help you go above and beyond in your service and achieve a high retention rate. Turn a 2-month client into a lifetime client.

Client Value Processes

Learn how to implement processes that will add value to your service. This will contribute to high retention rates, will hold your clients accountable to their goals, increase communication between you and your clients and improve your client value.

Form Correction

Implement efficient cues and corrections to a client’s lifting technique, allowing them to hit their personal best lifts as safely as possible. Learn how to properly brace, approach compound lifts and tailor techniques to certain types of lifters.


Create personalised and efficient programs for each individual client, their goals, and their training experience, using the best systems and templates for programming.


We will be breaking down techniques in a practical component. This level of expert technique correction and form analysis will instantly set you apart from a simple certified personal trainer. This will both allow you to provide lifetime value to your client and allow you to mentor even another personal trainer.


Learn about assigning calories and macronutrients for all different types of clients as well as different methods of getting results without enforcing food tracking. Nutrition coaching requires adaptability in approach and this is what you will learn for your nutrition coaching aspect of the course.


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This course will help you advance the knowledge you have already learnt in your certifications. Certifications result in qualified personal trainers but not quality personal trainers. This course provides you with the practical skills you need from experienced personal trainers in the industry. It will help you set yourself up for success, providing you with more knowledge than your graduating counterparts.

You will be trained based on your current experience as a personal trainer. There will be indivudalised approaches in this course that will help you tackle the issues you are facing. You will be tracking your progress throughout the duration of the course to help you improve in areas such as education, client retention, build your client base, work satisfaction, and income.

The course goes for 4 weeks, with 4 hours of in-person learning per week.

This course will take place in a location in Bella Vista.

At the moment, this course can only be done in person.

Yes, you can! Fill in the enquiry form above and we will be in contact to chat about your goals as a personal trainer and answer any questions you may have.