“I’ve had the honor of getting to coach and train Stephany since May of this year! In this period she has always stayed committed to her weight loss goals and her training. From 63kgs down to 53kgs, Stephany always shows up ready to slay each session and always takes critiques And feedback with positive attitude. I am one proud coach.”


“Imagine a trainer asking their client to do something to help them achieve their goal and they actually do it. Not just once or twice but every time, for over 2 years. This client is Chloe. What was asked? No flashy diets or programs just relentless consistency. It has paid off big time. Chloe has lost 10kg, gotten stronger, boosted her positivity and personal development, maintained this for 2 years and built up her confidence.”


“Going above and beyond, Andrew wanted to join the forces and train with the best of the best in the Police Force. Soon he will complete his final physical testing to enter into the forces.Coach Daniel has changed his training completely. The main changes have been A LOT more running programmed in, a 14kg weight loss to take the pressure off the joints and run faster, and a lot of dynamic cardio sessions – commando style.Look at the body composition changes that can occur over just 16 weeks. On the nutrition side of things, food was changed dramatically. Calories were reduced for a short period, and carbs were loaded up for his long runs.”

Ashton, 17

“Ashton started with me back in February and was one of my very first clients with UHP. Weighing 84kgs and never having picked up a weight before, Ashton’s goal was to lose some weight and get strong.

Katrina, 22

“I’ve been training with José for almost a year and I haven’t looked back since. The growth that has come from our sessions is incredible, both physically and mentally. José has pushed me to become a better version of myself and I couldn’t have done it without him. With his mentoring and knowledge, I have found a new love for training. José is always committed to best serve me as his client, and celebrates all my achievements with me. I know that I will be training with José for many years to come.”


“When Nicole started with me her goals were to get experience with powerlifting and compounds – she just wanted to see how strong she could get. When she started with me her she had never benched before, was squatting in the 40s and deadlifting in the 60s. Now she’s deadlifting 140, benching 51.5 and squatting 105kg. Our next goal is to maintain this new found strength and developed muscle mass whilst we apply a calorie deficit.”

Jesse, 24

“22 weeks in and a whole lot of progress has been made. I’ve been really tough on Jesse throughout the bodybuilding competition preparation but he’s never once complained. We started off being a bit behind of where we’d like to, but he’s pushed hard and stuck to everything we’ve set out. Consistent effort over an extended period of time, on paper is simple to get results. However, actually doing it in real life can be challenging, but Jesse has done exactly that.”

Coach Allen Mao

“Before training with Luke, I had the biggest gym anxiety in going near the barbell. I did random exercises, mainly focusing on machines and cardio. Now i’m the strongest I’ve ever been since I’ve been training with Luke for over a year now. He will cater your training according to your needs, physical and mental capabilities. He will work on your weakness and optimise with your strengths. He pushes you very hard to help you reach your goal to the point where you’re a hitting a new PB in each training session. I naturally love working out in the gym but my biggest struggle is my diet. Luke will keep you accountable. He made me more mindful in how to fuel my body to help me reach my goal in getting stronger. I highly recommend Luke if you wanna get stronger, look and feel your best. He is very smart, knows heaps of different exercises and explains things in easy to understand, relatable and he is super friendly.”


“I’ve been training with Harry for 6 months now and the journey has already been life changing both mentally and physically. He makes training super fun and always brings motivation for the both of us. I’ve never liked exercising but training at UHP with Harry always involves lots of laughs and I couldn’t recommend it more. Harry has taught me a lot about how to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way and that it doesn’t always have to be boring. I’m keen to continue on my health journey with Harry and get even stronger (and probably learn more odd handshakes)!”


“I came to Raz wanting to pursue a new passion and achieve goals that I couldn’t on my own. In just over 5 months together, Raz and I have achieved results that seemed impossible to me before I joined his team. Raz has, and continues to help me grow physically and mentally into a better person that I never thought I could be. I’ve put 100% trust, patience and dedication into Raz’ knowledge, programming and the overall process in general and I couldn’t be more grateful and proud of where we are today. Raz always goes above and beyond inside and outside of PT sessions to ensure the best possible experience and results for his clients. Raz has not only been a great coach to me, but a great friend and someone who inspires me everyday. I’m looking forward to what Raz and I can achieve together in the future.”

Kayla Scully

“My growth since working with Saranya has been significant not only physically but mentally! She has supported and encouraged me to always arrive to a session with an optimistic and “can do” mindset. With her guidance I have gained so much self confidence, by not only feeling fitter but stronger in my body. I have pushed myself further than expected and achieved weights I struggled to accomplish on my own. One thing I am grateful for with Saranya is her attention to detail, she focuses on your motions/movements and will identify issues which could cause potential injuries, in this she analysis and explains the issue so I can also understand and we further discuss how we can move forward. Saranya has been extremely helpful within my fitness journey as she is consistent, pushed me to new limits and helped me see results.”

Stephany Lahood

“​I started training with Saranya because I was new to the gym and didn’t know what to do. She was the absolute perfect person to introduce me to this lifestyle as she’s extremely patient and betters my knowledge every session.​She’s so friendly yet professional, the perfect balance for a PT. She has made me feel comfortable in myself and I have gone from someone who hated all things to exercise to someone who now looks forward to my training and progressing with her.”

Rachel Estasy

“I have been training with Saranya since February this year. Prior to this I had a PT once before years ago however I never learnt anything so I’ve had no idea what to do at the gym and stopped going until this year. With Saranya my sessions are structured, I have learnt so much now I can go to the gym by myself. I never would have had the confidence to go alone before, but now I have learnt the movements and I know what to do. Also I get weekly check ins so I know what’s working and what we need to work on improving. Saranya explains thing to me well in a way that I understand and i’m hitting goals I didn’t even know I had before. I can see the difference in my body but more importantly my mental health. I’ve also gained a friend!”

Annisa Mian

“I started training with Saranya when I first joined gym back in February. I had never trained before that, or even been in a gym, so the entire environment and experience was new to me and I remember being super intimidated by the scene, but looking back, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. She’s been such a huge support over the last 8 months, she’s pushed me like no one else has and she’s just as much invested in my goals as I am. My favourite part is her service knowledge – she doesn’t just tell me what exercise to do, she tells me why they’re important and what they’re working too. Together, we’ve achieved results I didn’t think we’d achieve in such a short time, I can’t imagine not having her on this journey with me and cannot recommend her enough!!!”


“Training with the guys is always fun, interesting and informative. They are great at individual programs and adapting for individual needs!”


“Training with UHP is a big challenge as I am not a gym person to start with. My training was not easy from the beginning knowing that I must overcome all my fears, increase my confidence level, remove pains due to muscle tensions and bursitis in my right shoulder. I have gained all these through José’s guidance and perseverance to help me out. I can now do deadlift 55kgs and I’ve lost 5kgs weight in 6 months. Thank you UHP for everything. You guys are amazing!!!”


I’ve been training with Jose for almost a year and I haven’t looked back since. The growth that has come from our sessions is incredible, both physically and mentally. Jose has pushed me to become a better version of myself and I couldn’t have done it without him. With his mentoring and knowledge, I have found a new love for training. Jose is always committed to best serve me as his client, and celebrates all my achievements with me. I know that I will be training with Jose for many years to come.


“I cannot commend enough how much effort José does to deliver results to his clients. I did not feel at all as just a client but more as a friend who can outreach to them. With ever changing schedules they accustomed to my timetable and follow my weekly routine. I have never been fitter and healthier in my life thanks to them. If I would do a recommendation, it would be that more people should be engaged with this PT Team and should consider the money spent on them as asset and not an expense.”


“When I decided to start personal training, I had low expectations of what I could achieve. So far under José’s guidance, my strength has increased extremely fast and now the new goals I have set for myself seem very achievable. José’s knowledge and explanations are second to none and I always come away from the sessions having learned something, which I find extremely valuable. The sessions are always fun, I couldn’t ask for a better guy to train me.”