8 Weeks is Enough Time to Get Results

8 Weeks is Enough Time to Get Results

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Beginners often approach fitness with one particular question in mind:


“How long do I have to work out before I get some results?”


That is completely normal because it often takes time for people to start enjoying their workouts. 


In the meantime, fitness is the necessary evil people must endure to get fit, improve their health, and feel better.


Today’s article will attempt to answer the question. Let’s dive in.


How Long Before I See Results?

You’ve probably heard that fitness is a long game. The effort you put in today will result in improvements down the road.


One reason why people struggle to be consistent with fitness is that they can’t get over the desire for instant gratification, which pushes them to trust shortcuts, shady supplements, and various gimmicks.


But how quickly can you see initial results from your efforts?


Regardless of your starting point, eight weeks, or roughly a couple of months, will be enough for you to see changes in how your body looks, feels, and functions. That period is generally enough for people to gain muscle and lose fat on a structured workout plan.


In addition, eight weeks of solid exercise are enough for newbies to see improvements in strength, endurance, and other athletic measures. 


Something More Important That Happens When You First Start Training

Beginners generally start working out with a specific goal in mind, often wondering how long it would take them to reach it. 


For example, someone interested in weight loss will typically obsess over the finish line and daydream of how their life will change once they reach their goal.


But, the interesting thing that happens in the first few weeks is that fitness goes from annoying to fun. Workouts no longer feel like a chore but instead turn into a positive part of your day. One simple explanation is that people see results, which creates a positive feedback loop:


Working out Positive results Motivation More working out


Plus, folks who start exercising feel better, have more energy and enjoy the post-workout high


At that point, the question of ‘How soon?’ fades into the background, and most people continue their training because they genuinely enjoy the process.


The shift in attitude most people experience is welcome because fitness is a long game, and there are no easy answers. It takes months to get results from working out and years to reach your full potential in terms of strength and muscle growth.


The more you enjoy the entire process, the more likely you are to stay consistent, push yourself hard, and not obsess over the finish line.


Final Thoughts

How long it will take you to see change will depend on factors like your dedication, the effectiveness of your training plan, and your nutritional approach. In general, most people can expect to see positive changes within eight weeks of getting started.


So, if you’re new to working out or are considering a return to the gym after a long layoff, expect to see good results in a couple of months.


If you need help making progress towards your goals, we create personalised programs tailored to you and your training needs.

Whether you’re looking to start from scratch, or add additional days to your current program, elevate your training experience with a coach.

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